"No Lights in Wrigley!"

$18.00 for Limited Edition T-shirt

no lights
"Shake this leg and it will play jingle bells..." –Bernie Litgo

Who can forget Danny’s (Rob Lowe’s) brooding montage in the Chicago-based cult classic About Last Night? The scene culminates with him storming into the boss’s life-draining warehouse and tossing his own sales desk. Perhaps the most overlooked detail of this precious moment is his deliberate costume set off with a “No Lights!” gold t-shirt which warns and fist pumps just as hard as the Misfits skull. “No Lights!” transcends Wrigley’s night game submission so rock yours proud the next time you need to shove the man.

Product Details
An ultra-soft unisex T-shirt that feels like you’ve owned it from the moment you put it on. Like all collectibles on Oyez Perez, these t-shirts are handmade in Chicago.

  • Color: Gold Nugget
  • 100% Cotton construction
  • Durable rib neckband
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