"The Freshmas Tree"

$200.00 Limited Edition Light-up Chalkboard Tree

Cheesy Christmas decorations stink so clear the air this year with a light-up "Freshmas Tree"!

Get in the spirit with this hand-crafted tree cut from 3/4 inch thick birch pine, laced with thirteen C7 bulbs and covered with two coats of forest green chalkboard paint so you can personalize it for someone on Santa’s nice list. What’s a Christmas tree without the smell of rich pine you ask? Well, this instant classic is sprayed with one healthy coat of fake tree scent to transport you right into a Norman Rockwell painting. No needles on this perennial so you can keep it up year-round!

Product Details
Like all collectibles on Oyez Perez, these trees are handmade in Chicago.

  • Dimensions: 3ft x 4.5ft
  • Finished with two coats of forest green chalkboard paint
  • Sprayed with one coat of fake Christmas tree scent
  • 13 Transparent Multicolored Lamps Color (Amber, Blue, Green, Pink, Red)
  • Bulb Type: C7 / Wattage: 5 / Volts: 130
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