Thank you.

Many people were instrumental in bringing Oyez Perez to life. I want to thank Tom Glynn, whose creativity I've jocked since our high school studio art class (and who told me to put "The Mayors" series on pillows). Michael Kenny who educated me on following through, my publicist Ellen, my seamstress Brandie and other wonderful people–friends who continue to be my inspiration: Alfonz, The Becketts, Lil' Buddy, Jim Choy, The Dog, Scott Girard, Tim Girard, Dennis Glynn, Kodfish, Brad Loving, Brendan Malone, Josie Miner, Dan Nelson, Deon O'Donovan, Julie Pacer, Mike Rosengrant, Big Red, Danny Stanton and Tom Stanton.

Finally, I want to thank my loving girlfriend Lindsay for her patience and encouragement through this process, and for the unwavering love and support of my family–especially Mom and Dad.